About Us

Who We Are

Pretty Alert, is not just an accessory, it’s a movement. We aim to reach all women, so we provide a wide range of Self Defense keychain designs that fit each person’s unique taste and individual style.

 The dream is to Empower females to protect themselves. From impressionable girls to grown women: we are taught within media, childhood movies, and society, to depend on a guy to provide safety. Pretty Alert is about changing that narrative. No more playing the damsel in destress. If you are in danger, don’t rely solely on someone else to help you. Sometimes you have to do what you can to save yourself. Be your own hero. 

My Purpose

My Purpose is to unite women, and recreate a narrative that displays girls as being more than a damsel ,but instead her own hero. 

Create. Protect. Embrace. Empower. It is time to ; 

Create a Change. Protect Ourselves. Embrace Independence. Empower Each Other.

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